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Contracting With Hemp Processors Nationwide For 2019 And The Future Hemp Market! Straight From The Farm To Your Business.

Our farm contracts with processors nationally and internationally to provide the best farm fresh hemp and hemp clones on the market. We know that the magic of the hemp medicine begins at the farm. We are dedicated master growers that have passion for creating the best organic raw hemp and hemp clones ever cultivated. Everyday we strive for excellence on the farm and with our customers.

We provide the best strains of hemp and clones for our  hemp processors direct from the farm to your business. We always work directly with our clients to help them design the best strategy with the farm to create success with the hemp processors we work with.

All of our product has a certificate of authenticity from the states agricultural department that shows exactly what you are buying and provides the seed to sale chain that state laws require.

Our farm can also provide transport and security for your product so that you can focus on making  hemp medicine and leave the rest to us.

We strive for perfection from seed to sale. Partner with us and let’s heal the world together!


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The highest quality raw hemp, hemp flower, clones and industrial hemp on the market at wholesale prices.

Our farm is one of the worlds largest provider of the highest quality raw hemp, hemp flower, clones and industrial hemp. The genetic strains we produce is one of the best ever created with all proper documentation from the state and testing facilities.



Our clones are the hardiest and fastest growers on the market! Our genetic strain is bug resistant so there is not ever a need for pesticides! All of our clones are sun grown inside of greenhouses to capture the natural energy of the elements. We can meet ANY demand and get them to you!


Our raw hemp and hemp flower is hands down the best on the market coming direct from the farm with no middle man!                                         trucks

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