Green Vibes hemp company located in Pittsboro North Carolina welcomes you! Our company is composed of a cooperative of hemp farms, seasoned growers and extractors working synergistically together with clients to provide the highest quality hemp material and extractions.

August 2019 Auto-Flower for sale
August 2019 Auto-Flower for sale
August 2019 “Little Miss Sunshine Flower” Auto-Flower for sale

Our business begins with the farms that we work with to grow and produce the highest quality hemp and hemp flower. Green Vibes uses the best material sourced from our farms to begin our multi process extractions with added adaptogens for total well-being.

Green Vibes Company brings 25 plus years of growing, extracting, Ayurvedic medicine, Reiki and vibrational frequency therapy to create site specific extracts for our clients.

Our material is grown with love and backed by integrity with the intention to balance mind-body and spirit. Total wellness and perfect balance is the foundation and mission of Green Vibes Hemp Company.

“Everything is energy, we know this far. And Energy manifests in frequencies. Everything has a frequency.


Contracting With Hemp Processors Nationwide For 2019 And The Future Hemp Market! Straight From The Farm To Your Business.

August 2019 Auto-Flower

Green Vibes Hemp Company works with processors nationally to provide the best farm fresh hemp and hemp flower on the market. We know that the magic of the hemp begins at the farm. We are a cooperative of dedicated seasoned growers and extractors that have a passion for this industry and a belief in the material we produce. Everyday we strive for excellence on the farm and with our customers.

Green Vibes Hemp Company provides high quality hemp, hemp flower and premium extracts for our clients direct from the farm to your business. We always work directly with our clients to help them design the best strategy to create success with the hemp clients we work with.





All of our products have a certificate of authenticity from the states agricultural department and independent testing that show exactly what you are buying.

We strive for perfection from seed to sale. Partner with us and let us heal the world together.